Waterscape's Pet Policy

Are Pets Allowed at Waterscape?

Pets at Waterscape

Pets are not allowed at Waterscape. They are prohibited by our HOA. It's not that we don't love pets. Most owners have pets. But there are 339 units at Waterscape. If everyone brought just one pet, that would mean there would be 339 pets among the 2000 humans during our peak season. (And, consider that many people have more than 1 pet.) Unfortunately, we don't have the grass needed to support that many pets. We have tons of "waterscapes", but not the appropriate landscapes.

Pets on Destin/Ft. Walton Beaches

For the same reasons stated above, pets are not allowed on our beaches. (It is illegal, in fact.) Our fur babies would create unsanitary conditions for the condensed populations that we have on our beachfronts.

Service Animals

It is widely known that anyone can buy a vest and piece of paper that proclaims their pet is a Service Animal. A vest nor piece of paper makes your pet a Service Animal. Service Animals are trained to perform a task for a disabled individual. Emotional Support animals are not service animals and do not have the same rights. False claiming of Service Animals causes real problems for those who are truly disabled. This is wrong. It's also a crime under Florida Statute and is a misdemeanor with pentalty of a hefty fine and community service. Service Animals are welcome! Fake Service Animals are not.