About the Waterscape Owners

Hi! Thanks for visiting our page. I am Danica Connell, the owner. You will be working and talking exclusively with me. My husband, Dan, has a role in this too, as you will soon read. We are a family of four from Alabaster, Alabama which is about 30 minutes south of Birmingham. We live 4 hours from the beach, but with the kids, count on a little more.

We rented at Waterscape for 3 years before buying. We bought our first Waterscape unit (C203) in 2012, just after the real estate collapse. We did well, so we bought our second (C505) in 2014. I got a wild hair and in 2016 I decided to purchase our third unit, B112.  In 2019, we bought our 4th unit, A312. We put our renters first and only visit our condos for "last minute" trips, taking advantage of openings that don't book. When we visit the beach, we are working just about non-stop. We keep our units TOP NOTCH and strive to have the best units in Waterscape. Every time we visit we are painting over scuff marks, tightening screws, oiling parts, and cleaning crevices. My husband, Dan, bless his heart, it's his elbow grease that really keeps our units' maintenance beyond what even I expect. We currently have the best rated units in the complex. It's not as easy as everyone thinks. But I love it!

We LOVE biking at the beach. We often bring our bikes when we visit. We bike on Okaloosa Island (where the condos are located), Navarre Beach (west), and 30-A (east). Particularly on 30-A, my daughters and I typically bike at least 15 miles, stopping at all the local shops and eateries. It sounds like a long way but it is super relaxing and fun, and very easy biking. Remember this is the coastline-it's all flat! We typically only do this in Spring and Fall so as not to give ourselves heat exhaustion. :-)

I enjoy talking with people about Waterscape and the area, so if you have any questions, feel free to Contact Me. If my dates are booked during the period you want to visit, let me know and I will put you in contact with some other owners.

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