Waterscape Owner that rents direct

Meet the Waterscape Owners

Hi! Thanks for visiting our page. I am Danica Connell, the owner. You will be working and talking exclusively with me. I'm married to Dan. We have two daughters--and they have "Dan" names too, haha. We are the Dan Clan from Alabaster, Alabama, which is about 30 minutes south of Birmingham. We live 4 hours from Waterscape.

We rented at Waterscape for 3 years before buying. We bought our first Waterscape unit (C203) in 2012, just after the real estate collapse. We did well, so we bought our second (C505) in 2014. I got a wild hair, and in 2016 I decided to purchase our third unit, B112.  In 2019, we bought our 4th unit, A312. The market has gotten rather expensive so we don't plan to buy more condos until things cool off a little (if they ever do). With this decision made and the continued desire to grow, I decided in 2020 that I would start managing a few other Waterscape condos. Owners have asked me for years to manage, and I had always said no. But another leap of faith later and here I am with a pile of condos to love on. In a matter of months of I went from 4 to 12, and then to 21 the next year, and 24 the next. I have put the brakes on growth for a little while.

All of my condos are in Waterscape, but I have also added 2 (pet friendly!) houses to my Ft. Walton fleet, which I use myself as "corporate headquarters," and also rent. As I have now grown into quite a load of work, I have laid down my engineering career to work for myself at Waterscape full time. I feel to do something well you need to be focused. Waterscape is my primary focus. I strive to create fabulous experiences for my guests!

We LOVE biking at the beach. We often bring our bikes when we visit. We bike on Okaloosa Island (where the condos are located), Navarre Beach (west), and 30-A (east). Particularly on 30-A, my daughters and I typically bike at least 15 miles, stopping at all the local shops and eateries. It sounds like a long way, but it is super relaxing and fun, and very easy biking. Remember this is the coastline-it's all flat! We typically only do this in Spring and Fall, or late at night, so as not to give ourselves heat exhaustion. :-)

I enjoy talking with people about Waterscape and the area, so if you have any questions, feel free to Contact Me. Don't hesitate to reach out if you think I can help you!